About MDC

Midlands Data Cabling Ltd is a family-run business serving the Midlands. MDC is the top choice for your security, access, fire and networking needs.

MDC Fitters are experts at cabling and cable management; with over 20 years combined experience, they will hide, extend, and even bury cables so that you have a cable-free environment. MDC Fitters will work around you and will tidy as they go, taking pride in every job with great attention to detail, whether in your business or your home. They take pride in their work and will only fit the latest hardware from a number of leading providers including: Fike, Ctec, AJAX, Suprema, Pyronix, Yale, and Hikvision.

Our Services

Alarms for your home and your business!

Whether you need a new wired or wireless alarm, or maybe just some maintenance, MDC has your security alarm needs covered, with our tailor- made solutions, you can be rest assured knowing your property is well protected.

Our new smart alarms are internet ready and can be controlled using a conventional pin number, key fob, or from your mobile phone. Your internet-enabled smart phone can also notify you if your alarm is activated.

Stop Unwanted Entry!

Whatever your entry and access requirements are, MDC can help. We can offer entry systems using pin codes, swipe cards, fobs, biometrics, and much more. We can control access both at home or at your place of work using only the very best brands available.

Protect what's most inportant to you.

CCTV is everywhere, but the quaility of your CCTV is the difference between a criminal going to court or walking free. At MDC we fit only the very best CCTV Systems, completely customized to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless.

MDC fitters have been fitting CCTV for over a decade. They know how to hide cables and they know where the best places are to catch criminals in the act. Our CCTV systems can record audio as well as video and can be viewed on every TV screen in the property.

Every package we offer is fully internet ready. Viewing on your mobile phone is a must-have

Take control of your cables and connectivity

MDC are cabling specialists. We can rewire, extend, or replace a range of cables, from BT Phone cables, TV aerials and Coax cables to Sky dishes and Twin coax used by Sky technicians. So wheather your having building work done or just need some cables replaced, MDC has your cabling needs covered.

As more and more people turn to IP phone systems, MDC are called upon to provide Cat5 and Cat6 cabling for Telecoms both in residential and business sites.

Network, Network, Network!

Networking is the backbone of computer infrastructure, and yes, cables are still the preferred method of data transfer, safer and faster than WIFI. At MDC we offer complete network solutions from simple home networks and file sharing to multi department offices and call centers.

MDC Techicians are computer experts; they know what it takes to create a super fast network and how to keep it mooving. MDC offers free site surveys and can repair, maintain, and install even the most complex networks.

Early detection is key

Early detection of a fire is paramount in the safe handling and extinguishing of any fire-related threat. Having no fire alarm is a well-publicised nono, but a poorly maintained alarm leaves you with a false sense of safety. MDC not only installs the best brands of fire alarm systems, but also repairs and refurbishes old or damaged and faulty systems.

MDC technicians can visit your home or business and make your fire alarm system fire ready, giving everybody peace of mind and potentially saving lives.

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